[headlines] general plan for the construction of a comprehensive test area for the transformation of new and old energy in Shandong (Quan Wen)

[headlines] general plan for the construction of a comprehensive test area for the transformation of new and old energy in Shandong (Quan Wen)

[headlines] general plan for the construction of a comprehensive test area for the transformation of new and old energy in Shandong (Quan Wen)

  On January 17, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Circular on the Issuance of the General Plan for the Construction of the New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Comprehensive Test Zone in Shandong Province.

  The circular requests that the implementation of the Plan (attached) should fully implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, take Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the guide, implement the new development concept, adhere to quality first and benefit first, take supply-side structural reform as the main line, and take the real economy as the focus of economic development. With new technologies, new industries, new formats and new modes as the core, supported by new factors of production such as knowledge, technology, information and data, we actively explore new and old kinetic energy conversion modes, promote the quality, efficiency and power transformation of economic development, improve total factor productivity, and strive to speed up the construction of real economy and scientific and technological innovation. The industrial system of coordinated development of new and modern finance and human resources promotes economic development with higher quality, efficiency, fairness and sustainability, and makes positive contributions to the transformation of new and old momentum and the construction of a modern economic system.

Notice on printing and distributing the general plan for the construction of a comprehensive test area for the transformation of new and old energy and energy in Shandong

Area No. 2018 [67]

The Shandong Provincial People's government, the relevant ministries and commissions under the State Council, directly under the State Council:

  In accordance with the State Council's Approval of the General Plan for the Construction of the New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Comprehensive Test Zone in Shandong Province (State Letter No. 2018), the General Plan for the Construction of the New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Comprehensive Test Zone in Shandong Province (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") is now issued to you, and the relevant matters are notified as follows:

  1. The implementation of the Plan should fully implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, implement the new development concept, adhere to quality first and benefit first, take supply-side structural reform as the main line, take real economy as the focus of economic development, and adopt new technologies and new products. With industry, new format and new mode as the core, supported by new production factors such as knowledge, technology, information and data, we actively explore new and old kinetic energy conversion models, promote the quality, efficiency and dynamic changes of economic development, improve total factor productivity, and focus on accelerating the construction of real economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance, etc. The industrial system of coordinated development of human resources promotes economic development with higher quality, efficiency, fairness and sustainability, and makes positive contributions to the transformation of new and old momentum and the construction of a modern economic system.

  2. Invite the Shandong Provincial People's Government to strengthen its organizational leadership for the implementation of the Program, improve its working mechanism, formulate supporting policies, implement its responsibilities, and ensure that the objectives and tasks set out in the Program are achieved on time. We should effectively strengthen local government debt management and prevent and resolve major risks. Important policies and major construction projects should be submitted for approval according to procedures.

  3. Invite the relevant departments of the State Council to strengthen coordination and guidance on the implementation of the Programme in accordance with the division of functions, give active guidance and support in policy implementation, system innovation and project construction, and coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the implementation of the Programme.

  4. In accordance with the spirit of the State Council's approval, the CPC will, in conjunction with relevant departments, strengthen the follow-up analysis, supervision and inspection of the implementation of the Program, organize timely assessment of the progress of implementation, and report major issues to the State Council in a timely manner.

National Development and Reform Commission

January 12, 2018

Shandong new and old energy conversion comprehensive test area

General plan for construction

  In order to fully implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, further deepen the structural reform of the supply side, accelerate the construction of a modern economic system, and better play Shandong's pioneering role in the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in the country, this plan is formulated in accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the Central Committee of the Party and the State Council.

One. realistic basis and great significance

  Shandong is located in the lower reaches of the Yellow River and borders the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea in the east. It is a strategic node for China to expand its opening from south to North and develop gradiently from east to west. It plays an important role in the overall situation of national development. Since the reform and opening up, especially since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Shandong has made remarkable achievements in economic and social development. At the same time, there are some prominent problems such as insufficient development imbalance. The traditional industry has a good foundation and the service industry is developing rapidly. However, the industrial structure is overemphasized and the traditional momentum is still in the leading position. New industries have accelerated their growth, and new business models such as "interconnected factories" and personalized customization have emerged. However, the total amount of emerging industries is small, and the role of new momentum in supporting economic growth has not been fully realized. Despite the orderly promotion of production capacity and active exploration of effective measures such as bankruptcy restructuring, relocation and upgrading, the task of resolving excess capacity and eliminating backward capacity is still arduous. The dividend system has been gradually released, and the development environment has been improving. On the whole, Shandong is in the key stage of the transformation and upgrading of new and old kinetic energy, and the task is arduous and arduous.

  At present, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation presents a new trend of multi-field and interdisciplinary breakthroughs. China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. It is in the key period of changing the development mode, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the growth momentum. Shandong's economic structure is highly similar to that of the whole country, and its typical demonstration is strong. Speeding up the construction of a comprehensive experimental zone for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong (hereinafter referred to as the "experimental zone") is conducive to enhancing Shandong's economic innovation and competitiveness, realizing the strategic transformation from big to strong, and building a well-off society in an all-round way and opening up a comprehensive construction society in a decisive victory. It is conducive to fostering new growth points, forming new momentum, driving the coordinated development of the northern region, providing important support for the optimization of the North-South development pattern, and exploring and perfecting the organic and unified promotion mechanism of scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation and open innovation. Substantive breakthroughs have been made in important areas and key links to provide experience for the national transformation of new and old kinetic energy.

Two. General requirements

  guiding ideology

  Fully implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, implement the new development concept, adhere to quality first and benefit first, take supply-side structural reform as the main line, take real economy as the focus of economic development, and adopt new technologies, NEW industries, new forms of work and new models. With knowledge, technology, information, data and other new production factors as the core, we should actively explore the new and old kinetic energy conversion mode, promote the quality, efficiency and dynamic changes of economic development, improve total factor productivity, and strive to accelerate the construction of real economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance and human resources coordinated development. The industrial system will promote economic development with higher quality, efficiency, fairness and sustainability, and make positive contributions to the transformation of new and old momentum and the construction of a modern economic system.

  Test direction

  On the basis of carrying out experiments in accordance with local conditions and regulations, this paper explores the path of kinetic energy conversion to optimize the allocation of stock resources and expand high-quality incremental supply simultaneously, explores the establishment of an innovative system to lead the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, explores the rapid growth of new kinetic energy through comprehensive opening-up, and explores the coordination between industrial development and ecological environment protection. To make progress together can provide experience and reference for solid promotion of production capacity, revitalization of the real economy, construction of a good institutional environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, development of a higher level of open economy, and formation of green development momentum.

  primary objective

  By 2020, the pilot area will initially form a scientific and effective path model in resolving excess capacity and eliminating backward capacity, cultivating and expanding new and new technologies and new industries, and upgrading traditional industries, so as to obtain a number of replicable and popularizable experience in the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. The phased tasks of resolving excess capacity and eliminating backward production capacity were basically completed, and the capacity to take the lead in the country.

  By 2022, a new pattern of economic development dominated by new momentum will be basically formed, the advantages of economic quality will be significantly enhanced, and positive progress will be made in the construction of a modern economic system. Emerging industries have gradually grown into new growth engines and become the main motive force to lead economic development; the existing traditional industries have basically completed transformation and upgrading, which has become an important motive force to promote economic development; the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship has been significantly enhanced, and the innovative economy has preliminary core competitiveness; and the institutional mechanism for the transformation of new and old motive energy has been improved. Step by step, the system of kinetic energy conversion is basically established; the new advantages of open economy are increasingly apparent, and the potential of kinetic energy conversion is accelerated to release. Through the construction of the pilot area, the labor productivity of the whole province has been increased from 100,000 yuan per capita in 2016 to 140,000 yuan. The proportion of the added value of strategic emerging industries to the GDP has increased by more than one percentage point per year. The proportion of research and experimental development expenditure to the GDP has increased from 2.3% in 2016 to about 2.7%.

Three. Layout of test area

  According to the carrying capacity of resources and environment, the existing foundation and development potential, we should accelerate the promotion of Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai as the core status, and form the overall pattern of dynamic energy conversion with three-core leadership and regional integration and interaction.

Three nuclear guidance

  Give full play to the comprehensive advantages of Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai, such as their strong economic strength and rich innovative resources, take the lead in breaking through the radiation drive and creating the main engine of new and old kinetic energy conversion. Jinan, a high-level planning and construction of new and old momentum conversion pioneer areas, gathering innovative elements resources, developing high-end emerging industries, creating a new platform for open cooperation, building a modern green city of wisdom, building an important national regional economic center, logistics center and science and technology innovation center. Qingdao will play the comprehensive functions of Marine Science city, international shipping hub in Northeast Asia and important coastal central cities, highlight the strategic platforms of the West Coast New Area and Qingdao Blue Valley, build an important innovation center and marine economic development demonstration zone in the eastern coast, and form a transition and development growth pole in the eastern region. Yantai will give full play to the advantages of important port cities and national innovative pilot cities around the Bohai Sea, actively cultivate new industrial clusters, build famous advanced manufacturing cities, and build a new open and cooperative plateau for Northeast Asia. In addition to the other 14 provincial-level economic and Technological Development zones, high-tech industrial development zones and customs special supervision areas, we should strengthen overall planning, innovate the management mechanism of the park, clarify the orientation and direction of industrial development, create a number of economic growth points, and form a synergy of regional new and old kinetic energy conversion.

Regional integration and interaction

  We should give prominence to the leading role of the three nuclei, strengthen the radiation-driven capabilities of Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai to the surrounding areas, promote the overall allocation of resources, the overall cultivation of superior industries, the overall construction of infrastructure and the overall management of the ecological environment. Promote coordinated and coordinated development of the whole province, improve the benefit-sharing mechanism of industrial cooperation, improve the level of supporting cooperation among parks, enterprises and projects, realize orderly industrial transfer and optimize the layout, and enhance the level of economic development integration.

Four, resolve excess capacity and expand the new space for kinetic energy conversion.

  We should adhere to classified measures, take multi-measures and treat both symptoms and symptoms, comprehensively use market mechanism, economic means and rule of law, actively and steadily resolve excess capacity, resolutely eliminate backward capacity, establish a long-term mechanism for market-oriented adjustment of capacity, and promote the optimal allocation of various elements of resources.

Clearly focus on productivity

  We should properly handle the relationship between government and market, short-term and long-term, stock and increment, supply and demand, and focus on resolving excess capacity in iron and steel, coal, electrolytic aluminium, thermal power, building materials and other industries, so as to maintain a reasonable utilization rate of capacity. Promote overall optimization, upgrading and centralized distribution of iron and steel production capacity, increase the efforts of pig iron and crude steel production capacity removal according to law and regulations, support iron and steel enterprises to transform and develop high-end steel products needed for major technical equipment in the fields of high-speed rail, nuclear power, ships, marine engineering, etc. Combining with Jigang's capacity demodulation, consolidation and reduction of some iron and steel production capacity Work to build an advanced steel manufacturing industry base in Rizhao. We should reduce the scale of coal production and actively guide the orderly withdrawal of coal mines with unsafe safety, exhausted resources, poor conditions of occurrence, heavy environmental pollution and long-term losses. We should accelerate the annexation and reorganization of coal mining enterprises and increase the concentration of industries. Clean up and rectify illegal construction and blind new capacity projects in the electrolytic aluminium industry, adopt alternative shutdown mode to retain high-end capacity and equipment, guide the healthy development of enterprises, and continue to maintain the world competitiveness of the electrolytic aluminium industry. We will promote the reduction of output and control of new capacity in thermal power and building materials industries. We should increase the intensity of small and medium-sized chemical refineries, and eliminate the "small scattered" low-end production capacity. We will speed up the elimination of low-speed electric vehicle production capacity, strictly control illegal production and illegal use of low-speed electric vehicles, and prevent the low-level blind development of the new energy automobile industry.

Optimization of capacity path

  Gradually improve environmental protection, energy consumption, water consumption, safety, quality and technical standards, strengthen the coordination and coordination of fiscal, taxation, finance, price and land policies, and accelerate the withdrawal of backward production capacity according to law through strict approval, strict control of new financing, implementation of differential water and electricity prices and other measures. We should set up a market trading platform for replacement of steel and iron production capacity, and carry out the transaction of capacity replacement index. Through transformation and transformation, relocation and transformation, enterprises will be supported to merge and reorganize across regions and ownership, and backward capacity transfer will be strictly prohibited. We will accelerate urban renewal and transformation, support Jinan and other cities to carry out the relocation and transformation of old industrial zones in urban areas, and actively create demonstration projects and demonstration zones for the relocation and transformation of old industrial zones. We should make full use of the multi bilateral cooperation mechanism to encourage the "advantage of capacity" in various ways.

Perfecting policy guarantee system

  We should innovate staff resettlement, debt and debt handling, and so on. We should improve the mechanism of employee placement, optimize reward and compensation standards, innovate re-employment measures, and support iron and steel, coal and crude oil producing areas to create innovative and entrepreneurial platforms. Support financial institutions to write off bad debts and deal with debt assets, and improve the bulk transfer policy of non-performing assets. According to the principles of marketization and legalization, the interest rate and loan term of M&A loans should be reasonably determined for optimizing and restructuring the market subject of "zombie enterprises". Loans to parent companies for closing off off off-capacity enterprises and "zombie enterprises" shall be negotiated equally between creditors and debtors for interest reduction and other related debt restructuring schemes, which shall take effect after approval in accordance with legal procedures. We will explore the establishment of a special bankruptcy fund for enterprises, raise funds through various channels, and solve the problems of "zombie enterprises" and bankruptcy start-up funds and capital turnover of assets disposal for enterprises with capacity removed. To study the policy of land use tax during the period of discontinuation of production and industrial upgrading.

Five, develop new industries and foster new momentum.

  Focusing on the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, new energy and new materials, modern ocean, health care and other industries, we will promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, create advanced manufacturing clusters and strategic emerging industries as the source of development, and foster the main force of new momentum.

New generation information technology industry

  Key technologies such as high performance computing, artificial intelligence, sensors, virtual reality, basic software and other key breakthroughs are emphasized, and demonstration applications are strengthened. Promote the development and industrialization of quantum communication technology. We should improve the "Internet +" ecosystem and conduct pilot projects related to the development of digital economy. We will support the establishment of the national comprehensive test area for big data and encourage the construction of new smart cities. We will improve the cloud computing and big data industry chain, strengthen the application of big data in industries, government affairs, commerce, culture, tourism, health, ocean and other fields, and strengthen the information security and geographic information industry.

High end equipment industry

  We will strive to promote innovative development of high-end equipment, break through key technologies and core components in rail transit, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, power machinery and other fields, build innovation centers in manufacturing industry and improve the level of integrated production. Support the development of high-end engines, high-efficiency motors, automatic transmission, high-end hydraulic components, high-precision reducers and other power equipment. Accelerate the construction of the National Technological Innovation Center for high-speed trains. We will speed up the development of general aviation and build a comprehensive demonstration area of the national general aviation industry. Expand the CNC machine tool industry and build the leading high-end CNC machine tool industrial base in China. With intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, industrial robots, special robots and service robots such as medical health, education and entertainment will be developed, and standardization pilot projects of equipment manufacturing industry and demonstrations of intelligent factories and digital workshops will be carried out. We will support cities with conditions to establish a "Made in China 2025" national demonstration zone and strive to build an internationally leading high-end equipment manufacturing base.

New energy and new material industry

  We will vigorously develop new energy batteries and automotive electronic control technologies, focus on key technologies and demonstration applications of hydrogen fuel cell industrialization, and support the development of new energy vehicles in cities such as Qingdao. Explore new modes of new energy vehicles, such as time sharing leasing, energy storage battery charging and exchanging, distributed energy sources and so on. Vigorously develop renewable energy, and promote the construction of Yantai nuclear power industry technology innovation platform. We will promote the construction of marine energy demonstration projects. We will expand and strengthen new material industries such as carbon fibers, graphene, bio-based materials, macromolecule materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, magnetic materials and so on, improve the technological innovation ability of the industry and the self-sufficiency rate of key materials, and build leading research and development centers and industrial bases for new materials in China.

Modern marine industry

  Guided by the wisdom of the ocean, we should persist in the overall planning of land and sea, build marine economic demonstration zones, build "sea granaries" and national marine pasture demonstration zones at a high level, speed up the development of deep-sea, ocean-going and polar fisheries, implement "transparent ocean" projects, and speed up the exploration and trial mining process of Ocean seabed mineral resources. We will expand marine biology, high-end marine equipment and other industries, support Qingdao and Yantai in building marine biomedicine industry clusters, and build marine economic innovation and development demonstration cities. To support Qingdao's construction of a maritime proving ground. Innovation and development of marine information, maritime business and other marine services. We will promote large-scale application of seawater desalination and build an important base for seawater utilization in China. We will develop a new generation of deep-sea offshore polar technology equipment and systems.

Health care industry

  We will further implement the strategy of healthy China and create an all round, full cycle health service industry chain. Focusing on the fields of biomedicine, marine medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering, we will promote the construction of national comprehensive new drug research and development technology platform and national innovative drug incubation base, and accelerate the development of innovative drugs and medical devices to meet major clinical needs. To study and plan the construction of the National Regional Center for Big Data of Medical Health and accelerate the construction of Jinan International Medical Science Center. Construction of mobile medical, telemedicine and other diagnosis and treatment of new models, the development of intelligent medical treatment, the construction of smart hospitals. We should actively respond to the aging of the population, support the construction of a medical endowment consortium, increase the supply of medical endowment facilities and services, and support the establishment of a national demonstration province of medical endowment integration in Shandong Province.

Six, upgrading traditional industries to form new kinetic energy.

  Strengthen technological transformation and mode innovation, promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the development of modern service industry, aim at international standards, improve equipment technology level, and form new momentum to support economic development.

High end chemical industry

  We will intensify technological innovation, optimize and integrate the chemical industry, strengthen the construction of environmental protection infrastructure in the park, carry out recycling transformation, achieve near-zero emissions, promote green, large-scale and intensive development, and improve the synergistic innovation capability of the whole upstream and downstream industrial chains. We will accelerate the gathering and development of chemical enterprises into the park and support the establishment of special customs supervision areas in key Petrochemical parks that meet the requirements. We should optimize the development of new coal chemical industry and fine salt chemical industry, and promote the transformation of traditional chemical industry.

Modern efficient agriculture

  Deepening the structural reform of agricultural supply side, promoting the integration and development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and constructing the modern agricultural industry system, production system and management system will explore the path for agricultural modernization. We will speed up the delineation of functional zones for grain production and protection zones for important agricultural products, promote the construction of high-standard farmland, implement scientific and technological demonstration projects for grain warehouses in the Bohai Sea and seed raising projects, consolidate the important position of Shandong in ensuring food security and ensure the supply of important agricultural products. We will accelerate the development of new forms of agriculture, such as smart agriculture, customized agriculture and experiencing agriculture, build support systems for rural e-commerce, cloud farms and cold chain logistics, speed up the construction of superior areas for special agricultural products, and promote the development of special agricultural industries. Implementing food safety strategy, increasing support for the construction of demonstration zones for the quality and safety of agricultural products for export, further enhancing demonstration effect and promoting the quality of domestic agricultural products. We will accelerate the construction of the agricultural high-tech industrial demonstration zone in the Yellow River Delta.

Cultural and creative industries

  Build up a new platform and mechanism for culture to enhance the cultural confidence and soft power. We will improve the modern cultural industry system and market system, promote the deep integration of cultural creativity, design services, equipment manufacturing and consumer goods industries, and foster new cultural formats. We will accelerate the construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, carry forward Mozi's spirit of cultural innovation and Luban's spirit of cultural craftsmen, inherit and innovate Qilu's culture, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture. Support the creation of innovative architectural design platform, fashion design innovation and entrepreneurship platform. We will encourage foreign cultural and trade bases and state-level cultural industry demonstration parks. Support Ji'nan and Qingdao to build a film and TV culture consumption experience zone.

Boutique tourism industry

  We will innovate the mechanism for tourism development and promote the integration of tourism with agriculture, industry, education, culture, sports, urban and rural development, as well as upstream and downstream industries. We should expand the supply of high-quality and personalized tourism products and improve the tourism service system. We will support the construction of new tourism formats such as low-altitude flight, Tourism Performing arts, eco-leisure, physical fitness and other tourism projects, and support cruise tourism in Qingdao and other cities. Actively establish a global tourism demonstration province, strengthen the comprehensive management of the tourism market, severely crack down on tourism dishonesty, and comprehensively enhance the brand value and influence of "Hospitality Shandong".

Modern financial services

  Strengthen the economic capacity of financial service entities, speed up the development of inclusive finance, standardize the development of micro-loan companies, financing guarantee companies and financial leasing companies, conduct in-depth pilot projects of new rural cooperative finance, support the implementation of inclusive financial reform in accordance with procedures, and explore and improve the regional inclusive financial service system. Encourage qualified domestic and foreign financial institutions to set up branches in the pilot area. We will expand direct financing channels such as stocks, bonds and private equity to promote the healthy development of multi-level capital markets. We will support Qingdao to speed up the construction of a pilot area for comprehensive reform of wealth management and finance, and foster and develop a professional market for wealth products. On the premise of meeting the requirements, we will support Jinan to carry out the reform and innovation of the real economy of financial services and Yantai to carry out the reform and innovation of fund management services. We will support eligible regions to carry out pilot projects on innovation of modern insurance services, intellectual property insurance and bond market products. We will strengthen supervision over financial trading markets, comprehensive financial operations, Internet Finance and other fields, actively play the role of local asset management companies in the disposal of non-performing assets, and improve financial security lines and risk emergency response mechanisms.

Seven, deepen reform and stimulate energy conversion.

  We will strengthen top-level design, system planning and collaborative promotion, build a policy system and institutional environment that will accelerate the growth of new momentum and upgrade traditional momentum, and substantially improve the efficiency of resource allocation and total factor productivity.

Innovating the healthy development mechanism of market players

  We should give full play to the leading role of state-owned enterprises in the transformation of kinetic energy, accelerate the structural adjustment, innovative development and layout optimization of the state-owned economy, and promote the strategic restructuring of state-owned enterprises. We will actively develop cross-shareholding and integrated mixed ownership economies, such as state-owned capital, collective capital and non-public capital, carry out pilot reforms of mixed ownership in local state-owned enterprises, and explore ways and modes for classifying and stratifying the reform of mixed ownership. The pilot project of employee stock ownership in local state-owned holding mixed ownership enterprises should be carried out. Priority should be given to supporting scientific research personnel, managers and business backbone in stock ownership, and the mechanism of stock transfer and withdrawal should be established and improved. We should reform the authorized operation system of state-owned capital and promote the development of state-owned capital. We will comprehensively implement the negative list system of market access, clean up and abolish various regulations and practices that hinder the unification of the market and fair competition, and stimulate the vitality of various market players. We should accelerate the construction of SME's service system and credit guarantee system. We will support private enterprises to establish modern enterprise systems, carry out standardized corporate restructuring, and realize diversification of property rights, standardization of governance and scientific management.

Market allocation mechanism of innovation elements

  We should adhere to the combination of effective market and active government, and improve the efficiency of resource allocation. Explore the allocation mechanism of new production factors such as knowledge, technology, information and data, improve the system of government information disclosure and enterprise information disclosure, and promote the open and sharing of data resources. We will speed up the construction of a unified, transparent, efficient and standardized public resources trading platform system. We will improve the pricing mechanism for resource-based products, deepen the reform of the electricity and oil and gas systems, and promote the reform of transportation prices. According to the unified deployment of the Central Committee of the Party and the State Council, the pilot market of transfer, lease and mortgage of the right to use state-owned construction land should be carried out in an orderly manner, and the intensive mode of land and resources conservation should be innovated. Entrusted by the Shandong Provincial People's Government according to law, the people's governments of Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai may exercise the right to examine and approve agricultural land conversion and land expropriation plans in some counties (cities and districts). Deepening the reform of investment and financing system, carrying out enterprise investment project commitment system according to law, and exploring the management mode with the guidance of policy conditions, enterprise credit commitment and effective supervision and control as the core. We will support the establishment of new and old kinetic energy conversion funds through existing funding channels and increase investment in key industries and key areas.

Innovating fiscal incentive and restraint mechanism

  We should push forward the reform of fiscal responsibility and expenditure responsibility under the provincial level. The central government gives financial subsidies to the support policies of "Blue and Yellow Zones" (Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula and High Efficiency Eco-economic Zone of Yellow River Delta), and supports the experimental areas in resolving excess capacity and fostering new momentum. On the premise that the risk of local government debt can be controlled, the amount of local government bonds should be appropriately increased according to the procedure. We should strengthen the co-ordination of financial funds and alleviate the pressure of temporary fiscal revenue and expenditure. We should standardize local government debt financing, explore local government special bonds that balance the income of development projects and self-financing, strictly prohibit illegal guarantees, strictly prohibit the use of government and social capital cooperation (PPP), government investment industry funds and other disguised debt raising, and establish a system of life-long accountability and retrospective responsibility for local debt risk. In line with the direction of tax reform, we should co-ordinate and study tax policies that support the conversion of new and old energy. We will study and select some strategic emerging industries and key industries (projects) for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy supported by some countries, and try out temporary end-of-term tax rebate policies first according to the procedures. Combined with the pilot work of innovation and development of service trade, we study and explore tax policy arrangements for the development of service trade.

Innovating green development mechanism

  Firmly establishing and practicing the concept of "green water and green hills" is Jinshan Yinshan, deepening the reform of ecological civilization system, building the system of land and space development and protection, accelerating the "multi-conformity" based on the planning of main functional areas, improving supporting policies, and promoting the strategic pattern of main functional areas to land precisely at the city and county levels. We should establish a market-oriented and diversified compensation mechanism for ecological protection and improve the supervision system of ecological environment. We should carry out marine ecological restoration projects and implement the total amount control system of pollutants entering the sea. Establish index system, monitoring system and assessment system for energy conservation and emission reduction. We should improve the pollution discharge standards and improve the institutional mechanism of transformation and development of environmental protection enterprises. Improve the regional linkage mechanism of pollution prevention and control, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution transmission channel cities enjoy Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution prevention and control coordinated control policy. Under the premise of ensuring the warm winter, we should speed up the control of loose coal pollution. Speed up the structural adjustment of freight traffic and increase the proportion of railway freight. We should strengthen the construction of water pollution control facilities in industrial gathering areas and improve the safe disposal capacity of hazardous wastes. Support for carbon market related work. To carry out the pilot project of ecological protection and restoration of Taishan lake. It supports the economic transformation and development of resource-based regions. We should intensify reform and innovation in green finance. We will fully implement environmental high risk enterprises to insure environmental pollution and compulsory liability insurance. We should implement the investment catalogue of enterprise income tax equipment for environmental protection, energy saving and water saving special equipment.

Innovating urban rural integration and development mechanism

  Promote the new urbanization with people as the core, and promote the construction of a coordinated urban structure of large, medium and small cities and towns in Shandong Peninsula. We should coordinate the comprehensive carrying capacity of cities, adhere to the integration of water and production cities, and reasonably control the population size and development boundaries of mega-cities. Support Ji'nan, Qingdao, Yantai and other cities to rationally adjust administrative divisions. We will carry out a comprehensive pilot project for the reform and development of the construction industry, and actively promote the pilot projects of underground integrated pipe corridors in the cities concerned. Vigorously implement the strategy of rural revitalization, explore the integrated planning, construction and management mode of urban and rural infrastructure, and improve the mechanism of promoting urban and rural public services as a whole. Expand the county economic and social management authority. We will deepen the reform of the rural land system, firmly promote the reform of the rural collective property rights system, and safeguard the property rights and interests of farmers. The construction of a number of Characteristic Towns Based on industry will guide the transfer of agricultural population on the spot. We should increase support for the old revolutionary areas such as Yimeng, strengthen the dominant industries and the characteristic economy, and cultivate the endogenous power of economic development.

Eight, innovation driven and dynamic energy conversion power.

  Persisting in innovation is the first driving force for development. We should implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, improve the system of innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthen the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship carriers, improve the allocation level of innovation resources, and accelerate the transformation of the driving force of economic growth to innovation-driven.

Strengthening the main body position of enterprise innovation

  We should guide all kinds of innovation elements to gather with enterprises, so that enterprises can become the main body of innovation decision-making, R&D investment, research tackling key problems and transformation of achievements. Enterprises are encouraged to take the lead in building industrial technological innovation alliances, implementing cooperative action of enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship, supporting large enterprises to open supply chain resources and market channels, developing internal innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting the upstream and downstream development of industrial chain, and promoting the financial development of small, medium and large enterprises. We will improve the assessment mechanism for technological innovation in state-owned enterprises and stimulate the innovative vitality of state-owned enterprises. Strengthen innovation support for small and medium-sized enterprises. In pilot cities for innovative development of trade in services, pre-tax deduction is allowed for those parts of the actual expenditure on education for workers and workers of small and medium-sized technological enterprises that do not exceed 8% of the total wages and salaries.

Accelerate the construction of major innovation platforms

  Highlighting key technology, leading technology, modern engineering technology and subversive technological innovation, encouraging enterprises and scientific research institutions in the test area to actively undertake and participate in major national science and technology projects. We will strengthen the basic capacity building for innovation, and plan and build manufacturing innovation centers and technological innovation centers in the fields of artificial intelligence, life science, quantum technology, nanotechnology, space and ocean, inspection, inspection and certification, etc. Construction of Supercomputing Center, research and construction of ocean drilling ships and other research and innovation platform. We will promote the construction of national laboratories for marine science and technology in Qingdao. We will accelerate the opening and sharing of resources such as major innovation platforms, large-scale scientific research instruments and equipment, and patent-based information, and promote the collaboration of ministries and provinces, and the collaboration of enterprises and research institutes in the implementation of major scientific and technological projects.

Building regional innovation and development carrier

  Speed up the construction of Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, deepen the construction of innovative cities, and support the creation of national high-tech zones. We will further promote innovation and entrepreneurship, support the construction of national "double-venture" demonstration bases, national small and micro-enterprises innovation demonstration bases and national public service demonstration platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises, cultivate a number of demonstration bases for entrepreneurship incubation and rural innovation and entrepreneurship, and support Qingdao to establish industrial Internet innovation centers. Implementing the development strategy of civil-military integration, supporting Qingdao (Guzhenkou) to create a national demonstration zone of civil-military integration innovation, fostering a number of innovative platforms and innovative demonstration carriers of civil-military integration and integration of industry, education and research, and improving the ability of civil-military integration development to promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy.

Improve the transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements

  Strengthen the connection between science and technology and economy, innovation achievements and industries, develop the transaction of scientific and technological achievements on-line and off-line, and promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. We will strengthen the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights, and support the pilot projects of comprehensive intellectual property management reform and patent navigation in key industries. We will support the establishment of an intellectual property protection center and improve the market risk compensation mechanism for intellectual property pledge financing. We will carry out pilot projects on the regional distribution of intellectual property rights and promote the construction of Qingdao's intellectual property operation service system and national intellectual property service agglomeration areas. The pilot project of comprehensive reform of national standardization was carried out in Shandong Province to support Jinan and Qingdao to build a public service platform for national inspection, testing and certification. According to the unified deployment of the state, we will actively carry out pilot projects to promote the integration of science and technology with finance, explore pilot projects of investment-credit linkage, and build a science and technology financial service system covering all aspects of the innovation chain. Where scientific and technological personnel transfer scientific and technological inventions, patented technologies, etc., and cannot accurately calculate the original value of property when calculating personal income tax, the original value of property shall be checked and approved by the tax authorities according to law. We will improve the system and policies of finance, finance and insurance to support the R&D, testing and evaluation, demonstration and application of the first set of major technical equipment, and improve the government procurement mechanism to promote the R&D and application of innovative products.

Nine, expand the potential of open releasing kinetic energy conversion.

  We will speed up the improvement of the open environment of legalization, internationalization and facilitation, build a new open economic development system, and promote the formation of a new pattern of comprehensive opening-up in which both land and overseas are linked and East and West are mutually beneficial.

Deeply integrate into the "one belt and one road" construction

  We will strengthen the strategic fulcrum role of maritime cooperation such as Qingdao and Yantai, promote interconnection with port cities in countries and regions along the Marine Silk Road, and strengthen cooperation in port construction and operation, marine economy, energy resources, commercial and trade logistics, financial services, cultural exchanges and ecological and environmental protection. We will deepen exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions along the Silk Road Economic Belt and build overseas economic and trade cooperation zones and key projects relying on the layout of the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge, China, Mongolia and Russia and other international economic corridors. Accelerate the construction of East Asian Marine cooperation platform. We will support enterprises in the pilot area to strengthen investment and cooperation with overseas high-tech and advanced manufacturing enterprises, establish R&D centers overseas and improve their R&D and manufacturing capabilities. We will expand foreign cooperation in agriculture and support leading enterprises to develop mutually beneficial and win-win investment cooperation in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries and other fields. We will promote enterprises to participate in the exploration and development of overseas energy resources such as oil, gas and minerals, and enhance their ability to utilize and allocate global resources.

Shaping the new advantages of open economic development

  In Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai, relying on the state-level new zones, national economic and Technological Development zones, national high-tech development zones and special customs supervision zones, we should fully learn from the pilot reform experience of free trade pilot zones and speed up the innovation of system and mechanism. We will deepen the reform of trade facilitation and vigorously develop new forms and modes of foreign trade such as cross-border e-commerce, comprehensive foreign trade services and bonded exhibition transactions. We will expand the opening up of service industries, vigorously develop service outsourcing industries, and support Yantai to establish a model city for service outsourcing. We will speed up the construction of electronic ports in the pilot areas, promote single window, one-stop operation and integrated customs clearance in international trade. Support Qingdao automobile import port to carry out parallel vehicle import pilot. We should innovate ways of attracting foreign investment and technology, and implement the management system of national treatment plus negative list before admission for foreign investment.

Innovating regional open cooperation mode

  Actively joining the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy, taking the initiative to undertake Beijing's non-capital function relief and Beijing-Tianjin industrial transfer. We should strengthen cooperation in the Bohai rim region and develop the bay area economy. Close economic ties with the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Northeast China, and build a mechanism for inter-regional cooperation and development. We will strengthen cooperation with domestic innovative and leading enterprises to achieve new breakthroughs in advanced technology, high-end talents and major project introduction.

Ten, strengthen support and strengthen dynamic energy conversion support.

  We should comprehensively improve the efficiency of government services, thoroughly implement the talent priority development strategy, rationally lay out major infrastructure, and provide solid support for the accelerated growth of new and old momentum and the continuation and transformation of new and old momentum.

Building a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment

  We will continue to deepen the reform of "releasing control clothing", build a service-oriented government that is inclusive, innovative, prudent, efficient and regulated by law, build a new type of pro-Qing government-business relationship, modernize the governance system and capacity, and create a relaxed and convenient market access environment, a fair and orderly market competition environment, and a safe and reassuring environment. Market consumption environment. Considering all kinds of institutional settings as a whole, scientifically allocating the powers and responsibilities of government departments and built-in institutions, clarifying responsibilities, promoting the reform of large-sector system, implementing flat management and comprehensive administrative law enforcement, and forming a scientific and rational administrative system. We will intensify the reform of the commercial system, deepen the reform of "license before certification", expand the scope of the pilot reform of "separation of licenses", comprehensively promote the reform of "integration of multiple certificates", and implement the electronic and electronic business licenses for the whole process of enterprise registration. We will innovate flexible and efficient regulatory models and encourage new technologies, new industries and new business models that are safe, intelligent and green to accelerate development. Accelerate the adaptive reform of laws and regulations, improve the rapid response and accurate service mechanism, and establish an ecosystem to support the innovation, entrepreneurship and development of new market players. Provincial governments and provincial governments should be given more autonomy to push forward the shift of responsibilities and responsibilities in emerging economies. To promote the "Internet + government services", we should implement parallel approval, sunshine approval and time limit system. Strengthen the construction of social credit system, and improve the joint incentive and punishment mechanism of trustworthiness across regions, departments and fields. We will deepen the reform of public institutions, establish a system for the overall utilization of public institutions within the province, and improve the mechanism for government purchasing services.

A sound and dynamic talent support system

  We will build a large army of knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workers, and train and bring up a large number of strategic and technological talents with international level, scientific and technological leaders, young scientific and technological talents and high-level innovative teams. We will support the introduction of world-class universities and characteristic disciplines, carry out the construction of "first-class universities and first-class disciplines" and improve the governance structure of universities. Focusing on the demand of high-end talents for national strategy and economic and social development, this paper explores and establishes a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the distribution of disciplines, types, levels and regions in universities, promotes the cross-integration of disciplines and specialties, speeds up the construction of new disciplines, and strengthens the construction of disciplines and specialties oriented to new technologies, new industries and new modes. We should rely on existing resources to speed up the training of high-level talents in rehabilitation and energy. We will accelerate the development of modern vocational education, expand non-academic education and vocational training, build experimental areas for innovative development of vocational education and a number of public training bases, and train high-quality practical skilled personnel. Innovative talent introduction service mechanism, attracting national "thousand people plan" and "ten thousand people plan" leaders to settle down, relaxing the restrictions of working conditions for foreign high-level talents to Shandong, supporting domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutions to establish new research and development institutions and pilot bases in experimental areas, and building national post-doctoral innovation and entrepreneurship bases and The expert service base supports the construction of Qingdao international academician port and other platforms. Strengthen the construction of new high-end think tanks. Develop professional and professional talent market, relax the access restrictions of human resources service industry, encourage the development of professional service institutions such as high-end talent hunting, and build professional, market-oriented and internationalized professional managers. Encourage and protect entrepreneurship, and strive to create a social and cultural environment that respects, cares for, tolerates and supports entrepreneurs. We should carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and vigorously build a glorious social and dedicated work atmosphere.

Improving intelligent security infrastructure network

  We will coordinate the construction of highway, railway, aviation, port and other transportation infrastructure, improve Shandong's high-speed railway network, and accelerate the construction of key projects in Shandong Province, such as Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway auxiliary corridor, Beijing-Port (Taiwan) corridor and coastal corridor. We will support the upgrading of Ji'nan airport, build a new airport in Qingdao, and build and relocate a number of feeder airports. We should optimize the port function positioning, integrate port resources with capital as a link and market as a guide, and build a modern port group. Support Qingdao to build an international port city. We will promote the upgrading and transformation of the eastern section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, implement the Xiaoqing River Navigation Project, and optimize the layout of bridges and tunnels across the Yellow River in Jinan. We will promote the integration of transportation and logistics and carry out pilot projects such as multimodal transport, international transfer and set up business. Speed up the construction of information infrastructure, promote the upgrading of Internet backbone nodes, implement the upgrading and transformation of broadband access network and metropolitan area network, realize the large-scale deployment and commercialization of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), promote the construction of submarine optical cable system, support the construction of Qingdao International Communications Business Exit and Exit Bureau, and build Jinan to Internet International Exit The data access channel of the import Bureau. Implementing national water-saving actions, strengthening water demand and process management, further optimizing water resources allocation pattern, scientifically promoting key projects such as emergency water supply for the Yellow River East Water Transfer Project, and enhancing water security.

Eleven. Organization and Implementation

  The Shandong Provincial People's Government should earnestly strengthen the organization and leadership of the implementation of this plan, clarify the division of responsibilities, intensify the efforts of reform and innovation, compile the development plan of the test area, establish relevant index system, strengthen the statistical monitoring of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, firmly promote the construction of the test area, and submit major projects for approval in accordance with the procedures. Relevant departments of the State Council should strengthen support and guidance for the implementation of this plan in accordance with the division of functions and help solve problems in the process of implementation. Policies and measures that can be replicated and popularized in national-level new zones, national independent innovation demonstration zones and comprehensive innovation and reform pilot zones will be implemented in the pilot zones. The National Development and Reform Commission should strengthen the follow-up analysis, supervision and inspection of the implementation of the plan, carry out timely evaluation of the progress of the implementation of the plan in conjunction with the Shandong Provincial People's Government, timely summarize and refine the replicable and scalable experience and achievements, and timely report major issues to the State Council.

[headlines] general plan for the construction of a comprehensive test area for the transformation of new and old energy in Shandong (Quan Wen)