Sodium Silicate Liquid

Sodium Silicate Liquid

Sodium Silicate Liquid

Purpose: 1. Metal repair. Sodium silicate and magnesium silicate work together to form a thick slurry layer on the metal surface such as muffler, so as to repair and protect the metal surface;

2. Car maintenance. Inject liquid sodium silicate into automobile head parts, such as engine, form solid sealant after high temperature, and repair parts;

3. Aquaculture. It can be used as aquaculture incubation substrate for algae growth;

4. Food preservation. Eggs kept fresh with liquid sodium silicate can be kept for 9 months;

5. Wood treatment. The wood treated with sodium silicate is more insect resistant and has stronger flame retardant effect;

6. Concrete. Sodium silicate is mixed with cement and sand. After chemical reaction, the concrete will dry faster, strengthen its strength, be more water-resistant, acid resistant and wear-resistant;

7. Used for manufacturing quick drying cement, acid resistant cement, waterproof oil, soil curing agent and refractory; Metro grouting, waterproof, leakage stoppage, mine beneficiation, etc;

8. Sewage treatment. As wastewater treatment of sewage treatment plant. Water glass will precipitate binding molecules and heavier pollutants, separate them from water molecules and clean sewage;

9. As a washing aid and textile dye aid.